The Girl behind the sewing project


Who is she:

  • Creative
  • Dreamer
  • Wife to an amazing Retired USAF guy
  • Mother to two Beautiful, Creative,strong, Young women
  • Half of “Susie Homemaker” - loves to sew but hates to cook!
  • Sewing is in my soul

I am Connie Tkach,

Sewing Educator/Instructor and owner of  the sewing project, sewing school.

Been sewing for over 30 years now, and found my heart of educating others to fall in love with sewing!

My teaching style is to have fun, give permission to get frustrated, marry the old school with the new school of sewing.

Started an afterschool sewing program at my daughters’ elementary school in 2007 for 9 years. Been teaching for 12 with amazing Young Creative minds. My heart was wanting to bring more sewing to everyone.  

My Dream/Vision came to life when I opened my doors of “the sewing project, sewing school” on June 4th, 2018

You will find this is not your Home Ec class!